Demkay Textile | 27 Years of Experience in Automotive, Office and Medical Textiles

Demkay Texstile is one of the leading textile companies operating in Turkey. For over 26 years, we have been offering high quality products to the automotive, medical and office textile industries. In this article, we will provide detailed information about our products and also share with you the 26 years of experience of the company so that you can learn more about Demkay Tekstil.

      1. Who is Demkay Textile?

        1. Demkay Tekstil, Türkiye’deki önde gelen tekstil firmalarından biridir. Firmamız, otomotiv, medikal ve ofis tekstili sektörlerine yüksek kaliteli ürünler sunarak, sektörde önde gelen bir konuma gelmiştir. Müşterilerimize güvenilir ve kaliteli ürünler sunmak için titiz bir çalışma yapıyoruz.

      2. Products

        Demkay Textile offers three different product groups: Medical Group, Automotive Products and Office and Conference Products. Medical Group products include Medical Velcro, Medical Dresses, Medical Pillows, Medical Products Accessories, Medical Bed Tops and Medical Fabric Types. Automotive Products include upholstery fabric, quilted artificial leather, upholstery artificial leather, ceiling, floor covering products and digital printing fabrics. Among the Office and Conference Products, there are many different options such as executive chair fabric, mesh fabric, conference chair fabrics, hotel and lobby sofa fabrics, office furniture fabrics and office meeting sofa fabrics. Medical Group products comply with high hygiene standards, automotive products are designed to meet high quality and durability requirements, and office and conference products offer fabric options that follow the latest trends to create a modern and comfortable environment.

      3. Our Technological Infrastructure

        Demkay Textile constantly updates and modernizes its production processes by closely following the technological developments in the sector. In this way, we produce our products with the highest quality and efficiency. Thanks to our technological infrastructure, we offer faster and higher quality service to our customers.


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